German Language Courses

There are many reasons that speak for learning German by attending a language course in Germany

  • Sprachkurse DeutschThe most important reason is that you will achieve your language objective much quicker if you choose a language course in which German is spoken from the start!
  • You will learn the German language quickly, successfully and without stress with a German course using the proven inlingua® method.
  • Export champion Germany: German engineering and technology and know-how are respected and used worldwide, a good command of the German language opens up new areas of employment.
  • A German language course in Germany will also provide you with many opportunities to use and improve your German outside of the language courses.
  • A large number of international companies are based in Germany.
  • Almost 20% of all published books are printed in the German language.
  • German courses in Germany bring you in direct contact with the culture, the people and their way of life.
  • German is the most commonly spoken language in the European Union.
  • Apart from English, German is the most important language in the field of science.
  • German tourists are the largest group in many countries.
  • German, like English, has an Indo-Germanic origin and has, over the years, adopted many Latin, French and English words.

Learn German the language’s mother country, you will be able to use your language skills directly outside of the tuition and measure your success with fun.

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