The inlingua Method

Learning with inlingua The ‘inlingua method’ is unique – you learn to speak and think only in your new language right from the start. Without shyness, you learn the natural use of the new language, without having to think in your mother tongue. You learn vocabulary and grammar in connection with realistic situations of everyday life.

The ‘inlingua method’ under instruction of a native-speaking trainer motivates you to achieve a high language fluency in a specific environment – this is the only way to ensure that you optimally achieve your language objectives.

Our Trainers

All our trainers are native speakers. This means they speak their language authentically and differentially, as can only be learnt from birth.

All our trainers have an academic qualification.

Our trainers are carefully trained in the inlingua method. This guarantees an effective and varied tuition. Further internal training is monitored by the International inlingua Teacher Training Network (iTTN), which ensures a uniform quality standard.

Trainers in the area of profession-related language also have additional work experience gained in a profession. This means they have the necessary technical knowledge and can realistically conduct the role-play language instruction used in tuition.

Learning Materials

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