Intensive Course +4

Intensivkurs  4 The Intensive Course +4 is an alternative to the Intensive Course +8 and, with 4 tuition units a day, gives you enough time to practise and daily improve your language skills outside of the tuition time.

Our Intensive Course +4 is the right choice if you want to achieve a certain language objective within the shortest time, e.g. if you need a quick short-term introduction into the German language because of an urgent business or private situation or need to improve your technical language skills in a certain sector or field.

You will train 4 tuition hours per day and learn a lively German under the supervision of a qualified, native-speaking trainer team. This intensive training avoids unnecessary repetition and saves your valuable time.

Dates and Prices

You can book the intensive course by the week. You choose the start of the language training, completely according to your individual needs.

Training Package

1 week
20 TU

2 weeks
40 TU

3 weeks
60 TU

4 weeks
80 TU


€ 820,–

€ 1.540,–

€ 2.260,–

€ 2.980,–






Prerequisites: None, this language training is aimed at beginners, advanced level speakers and language virtuosos.

Test Preparation

We will prepare you for the Basic Level Test, the German as a Foreign Language Certificate (DaF Test), the Intermediate Level Test, Professional German, Business German Test (Prüfung Wirtschaftsdeutsch – PWD) and the DSH Test.

Free-of-Charge Placement Test

The inlingua Placement Test ensures a correct course selection – so that your language training suits you from the start.

Learning Materials

Click here if you want an overview of all the inlingua learning materials.

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