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Lernmaterialien For an optimum learning success, the tuition method must be perfectly in harmony with the learning materials. This is why inlingua International has its own learning materials publishing house, in which an international team of experts continuously works on the further development of our learning materials. These learning materials are used in all inlingua training centres worldwide in accordance with uniform guidelines.

The inlingua learning materials are more than just a book. At each level, the participant books are supplemented by work books, audio cassettes, CD’s, CR-ROM’s, videos, picture/demonstration material and other suitable media, like telephone simulators, depending on the specific learning objective.

The cassettes or CD’s allow our participants to repeat the learning content, train their understanding of the spoken language and perfect the pronunciation, outside of the classroom in a varied and motivating way.

To ensure that the large number of different materials does not impair the efficiency of the training, our trainers are provided with comprehensive Trainer Resources Packs in which all the threads come together and allow our trainers to optimally prepare themselves for the current learning progress of their group.

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