One-to-One Tuition

Einzelunterricht The one-to-one tuition is the most individual variant of learning German at inlingua. With this type of tuition, you determine the scope and duration of your language course, completely according to your wishes and time schedule.

You can choose to have the tuition in one of special one-to-one tuition rooms or somewhere else.

You will learn a lively German adapted to your own learning speed under the instruction of a qualified trainer.

We will jointly develop your personal training concept with you in a non-binding consultation meeting. We can set, for example, the following training objectives:

  • Reactivation of the passive vocabulary
  • Learning the colloquial language in order to confidently deal with everyday situations.
  • Expansion of the vocabulary so that you can also actively participate in differentiated talks.
  • Mastering of negotiations, meetings, presentations and conventions without language problems.
  • Ability to read, understand and write German texts.

You can individually structure the training program, which will take place only in German. A special training in all fields is possible. You choose the learning speed and intensity.

Dates and Prices

You can start with your individual language training at any time.

Course Fees

Training Package

30 TU

60 TU

80 TU

100 TU

120 TU


1.180,– €

2.260,– €

2.980,– €

3.700,– €

4.420,– €







Choose the training package that best suits you. An average course participant usually needs 80 to 100 Tuition Units (TU) for one learning level.

Test Preparation

We will prepare you for the Basic Level Test, the German as a Foreign Language Certificate (DaF Test), the Intermediate Level Test, Professional German, Business German Test (Prüfung Wirtschaftsdeutsch – PWD) and the DSH Test.

Free-of-Charge Placement Test

The inlingua Placement Test ensures a correct course selection – so that your language training suits you from the start.

Learning Materials

Click here if you want an overview of all the inlingua learning materials.

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